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Greeting People

This is an example of a dialogue.  Use this conversation to write your own.  Please replace “1” and “2” with your name and the name of your partner.  This dialogue you must do with only one partner and perform in front of the group.

You have worksheets that give you more information and vocabulary.  I expect you to use it in your dialogue.  This dialogue is just an example. You may use the format, but you have to expand it with “Buenos dias”, “Buenas tardes” “Senor (Sr.), Senora (Sra.) Senorita (Srta.).  Make sure you shake hands when you are introducing one another, as it is part of the culture.

To introduce a peer to another peer:                                                                                     

  1.  Hola _______(1)___________ Me gustaria presentarte a ___________(2)_______________


  2. Hi, __________(1)_____________ I would like to introduce you to ______(2)______________


  3. Hola ____(speaking to 2)___________________ Gusto en conocerte. (Nice to meet you)
  4.  (2 answers) El gusto es mio (the pleasure is mine)
  5. E.(1) Bueno, nos vemos al rato,  Sale?         Well I’ll see you later,  Ok?
  6. F.(2)  Sale!              It’s a way of saying “ok”



Two days later “2” and “1” meet.

(2) Hola!   Como estas?                  Hi! How are you?             (1) Hola!    Regular, 


(2) Hola!  Que tal?                            Hi! What’s up?                  (1) Hola! Muy bien,  Y tu?      Very well, and you?

                                                                                                                (1) Hola!   Mas o menos,   Y tu?

(2) Muy bien, gracias.                                                                    


Page 9 and Page 10 “Las presentaciones” – Introductions and “Me gustaria presentarte” (I would like to introduce to you) Me gustaria presentar (I would like to introduce to…)

You must use a Spanish first and last name for this dialogue. Check the textbook for ideas on names.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy your classmates’ presentations.

Ms. Estrada


Spanish-Speaking Country Research       

Assigned on August 31, 2018 by Ms Estrada Spanish 1 to all periods

Due September 8, 2018

Use English as the medium language.


Choose a Spanish-Speaking Country and write a Research Paper that would address the following:

Name of the Country – draw a map

Name of the countries or Ocean bordering your Country of Study depicted in your map.

Population as of the last Census

Points of interest names and description

System of Education

People’s customs

United States presence in that Country – How so?

Military Power

Name the products that country exports to the United States

Name the products that country Imports from the United States

Describe the flora and fauna

Type of government

Include pictures






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