AP Yearly-Week-At-A-Glance Assignments

2020-2021 HMS AP World History Grade 10





African Civilizations 8/24

  • Identify the Bantu and their migration.
  • Examine the culture of the people of the Swahili trading cities.
  • Examine the culture of the people of Great Zimbabwe.

Hinduism and Buddhism 8/24

  • Explain the significance of Aryan migration into India.
  • Identify major events in the development of Hinduism and Buddhism.
  • Summarize the features of Hinduism and Buddhism.

New States in South and Southeast Asia 8/25

  • Explain the effects of the spread of Islam and Buddhism in South and Southeast Asia.
  • Describe the society, culture, and government structure of new states in South and Southeast Asia.

AP Skills: Answering Short Answer Questions 8/26

Reading Lesson – Governance and Culture 8/27

Christianity 8/28

  • Explain how Christianity emerged from Judaism.
  • Describe the efforts of the disciples to spread Christianity after the death of Jesus.
  • Analyze how Christianity became the official religion of Rome.

The Byzantine Empire 8/28

  • Describe the characteristics and achievements of the Byzantine Empire.
  • Analyze the factors that led to the separation of the Christian Church.
  • Explain the events that led to the fall of the Byzantine Empire.

Early Middle Ages 8/28

  • Explain the impact of the collapse of the Roman Empire on European society.
  • Describe how and why church influence increased following the fall of the empire.
  • Explain how monarchs began to unite the people of Europe.


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