Physical Education/Overview of Activities

                    Overview of Activities, Goals and Objectives    

  • Activities may change due to specific circumstances
  • PLC days – Review Components of Physical Education/quizzes or written test/1 mile run, stairway up in overs
  • Daily Exercises-teacher guided exercises or student guided exercises, warm-ups and cool downs.

                                                                  Lesson plans

August -   ------                Conditioning / Fitness drills

August-week 3-4   -----    Fitness Test

September/week 1  ------   Tennis Drills / rallies

October/week 1       ------  Recreational Games

October/week 2-4    ------  Flag Football

November/week 1     ------  Recreational Games  

November/week 2-4   ------  Soccer/ drills and skills

December/week 1    ------   Physical Fitness Boot Camp Week/fitness test

December/week 2-3   -----   Volleyball/ lead up games -drills and skills

December/week 4       ------ Semester II-   Final Exam

January/-week 1  --------    Conditioning Drills/  Indoor Recreation Games/Caged Ball

January/week-2 -4   ------   Basketball lead up games/basketball- drills and skills=

February/week 1      -------  Physical Fitness Boot Camp

February-week 2-4    ------  Badminton- modified games/ drills and skills

March/week 1           ------   Fitness Fun

March/week  2-4       ------   Ominikin- modified games

April/week 1             -------   Fitness Practice

April/week 2-4         --------   Softball/ or kickball

May/week 1             -------    Fitness Test/Outdoor Recreational Games

May/week 2-3        -------      Advance Foursquare/Frisbee – Swimming-  discuss safety tips-handouts

May/week 4            --------    Semester EOC/ Final Exam/makeup test                             

                                             Overall goal and objectives:



  • Physical Education class will provide a variety of activities which will motivate the students and increase participation.



  • Students will participate in developmentally appropriate activities
  • Students will develop and reinforce cooperative behavior
  • Students will establish lifelong fitness goals



National standards/1:9. 1 Demonstrate the ability to use and appreciate activity/specific skills. Standard 7:9. 7. 1: identify positive aspects of appreciation in several different physical activities.


                                                                      Weekly preview

Mon/Tue/Thru -     Sport/or Fitness Unit activity:  guided stretches and exercises

Wed –                          Practice fitness test/up and over runs/review components in physical education/or handouts

Fri –                              Fitness test/or student choice game

                     Note: activities varies depending on space, weather, safety, time and ability.



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