October 26-30

Monday, October 26

Finished PowerPoint from last week

Tuesday, October 27

Read Chapter 9 Section 2
Complete Section Review Q's on page 333 #1-6

Wednesday, October 28

Guided Reading Questions

Thursday, October 29

Read Chapter 9 Section 3 p. 336-345
Complete Section Review Q's on page 345 #2-6

Friday, October 30

Chapter 9 Section 4 Guided Reading questions

  1. The organization that became the Federal Bureau of Investigation was originally formed to do what?
  2. What paralyzed the city of Seattle in 1919?
  3. What were the Palmer Raids?

What caused the inflation after WWI, and how did inflation help cause the waves of strikes in the United States?(ESSAY) pg. 345. Please write at least ONE FULL PAGE!

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