Syllabus 2016-2017 IMP


Teacher: Dean Crossland

Class: IMP

Text: IMP Curriculum 


This class will teach you appropriate math skills. We will have weekly vocabulary and/or Bellwork quizzes. You can count on about 3-4  assignments per week(homework), that if you apply yourself, you can finish in class. As we complete chapters, you will have a chapter test. Also, expect other tests so that we can meet our Common Assessment goal of the district.


All Tests will be lumped into one average grade, which will be 50% of your 9 weeks grade. 30% will come from Quizzes. The other 20% will come from daily assignments, participation and notes.


You will need loose leaf paper for assignments, other papers we TURN in, notes, and Bellwork




Red Grading pen

3 ring binder

Loose leaf paper

Graph Paper


The student should bring ALL supplies EVERY DAY, unless otherwise directed. In class assignments are due the next day class meets, unless otherwise instructed.


Excused absence make-up times are twice as many days as missed, unless those make-up days run in to end of 9 weeks. All lesson plans will be listed on Hobbs High School Website, for your use in doing work while absent, unless I instruct you differently.


Semester grade is made up of 40% 1st 9 weeks, 40% 2nd 9 weeks, and 20% for semester final.


I can be contacted at 575-318-9964 or [email protected].


Class room discipline follows the school discipline plan, and WILL BE enforced. Class room discipline will also include no gum, drinks of any kind, no candy or food. Also, please realize that we all have personal property and personal space. Do not touch other peoples’ property or invade their space. Do not talk when others are talking. I will have ZERO tolerance of electronic device usage.

Restroom during passing period, no excuses! Do not ask me if you can be late to go to restroom at end of passing period. Do not ask during the first few minutes of class if you can leave for restroom break, I will let you go after class gets going.

Week of 3 13 to 3 17 17
Mon    Negative and Zero Exponents
Tues    Scientific Notation
Thur    Exponent Quiz
Fri       Exponent Quiz Redo
Week of 3 6 to 3 10 17
Mon    Linear Systems Test Redo
Tues    Multiply Monomials
Wed    Power to Powers
Fri       Negative and Zero Exponents

Week of 2 27 to 3 3 17
Mon   Solving Linear Inequalities
Tues   Systems with Word Problems
Wed   Linear Systems Redo
Thur   Linear Systems Quiz 1 Redo
Fri      Linear Systems Test
Week of 2 20 to 2 24 17
Mon   No School
Tues   Solve Systems By Substitution
Wed   Solve Systems By Elimination
Thur  Solve Systems By Elimination Multiply 1 Equation
Fri     Solve Systems By Elimination Multiply Both Equations
Week of 2 13 to 2 17 17
Mon   Finish Redo Test
Tues   Introduction to Systems of Linear Equations
Wed   Solve Linear Systems by Graphing
Thur  Parent Conferences
Fri     Coordinate Plane Review
Week of 2 6 to 2 10 17
Mon    Parallel Lines
Tues   Standard Form
Wed    Applications
Thur   Review
Fri      Linear Equations Test
Week of 1 30 to 2 3 17
Mon    Graph Lines Using Point-Slope
Tues    Graphing Inequalities and Linear Equations
Wed    Quiz
Thur    Write Equations of Lines
Fri       Point Slope Equation
Week of 1 23 to 1 27 17
Mon    Linear Functions
Tues    Slopes-Counting
Wed    Sloeps-Formula
Thur    X and Y intercepts
Fri       Graph lines using tables

Week of 1 16 to 1 20 17
Mon    MLK
Tues    Coordinate Plane Short Quiz
Wed    Coordinate Plane Test
Thur    Reteach Coordinate Plane Test
Fri       Coordinate Plane Test Redo

Week of 1 9 to 1 13 17
Mon    Coordinate Plane
Tues    Functions
Wed    Vertical line Test
Fri       Scatter Plots


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