US Government 2016-2017

Bell work: November 14-22      Government                                                             

Monday, November 14:  Objective: Explain the structure and power of the legislative branch.  Bellwork: Brainstorm at least two things you already know about Congress. Assignment: Read about Congress in I-Civics packet.  Answer student questions. Read pages 141-145 and answer questions 1-5.  Tuesday, November 15:  Complete web quest looking at Congress Bellwork: Read the infographic on page 159, answer the critical thinking questions.   Assignment: Complete web quest and questions 1,4,5 and 6 on page 165.

Wednesday, November 16:  Objective:  Complete Bellwork quiz, Review assignments from Mon and Tues.  Read if time. Bellwork:  Quiz answer questions to dates on overhead.   Assignment: Grade Mon and Tues assignments.

Thursday, November 17:  make up day.  If you have not turned them in all assignments from the last week are due tomorrow…work on this at home.    

Friday, November 18: Objective:  Explain how Congress and the POTUS check and balance one another. Bellwork:  On page 174, look at Congressional Quarterly and answer the questions. Assignment: Go to I civics and play the law quest game. Fill in the extension handout. Answer questions 1, 4, 5, and 6 on page 176…due at the end of the period. If you do not have book, use web book. 

Monday, November 21:  Objective: Outline how a bill becomes a law.  Bellwork: On pate 185, examine law making process, answer critical thinking questions. Assignment: Complete questions on page 188, 1,3,4 and 5 .

Tuesday, November 22:  Complete looking at Congress.  Analyze appropriations duty.  Bellwork: evaluate the political cartoon on page 195, answer the question under the caption.  Assignment: Complete these questions:  Page 192: #1-5, 198, #1,3,4, and 5, 203: 1, 2,3,5, and 6 



Enjoy your break….be safe! 


f POTUS Bellwork: In your mind what is the most important role of the POTUS. How can they best accomplish this as they run such a large country?  Assignment: Break into groups to review the specific roles and duties of the POTUS, complete I civics handouts. 

  Tuesday, November 8:  Review the duties of the POTUS written quiz  Bellwork:  Today is historic as far as POTUS elections go, by tomorrow morning our nation will have our first woman president or a businessman as POTUS. As a young adult what are your hopes and fears for a nation.  At least one paragraph?  Assignment: Quiz POTUS roles, election and duties.

Wednesday, November 9:  Objective:  Spend period reading historical fiction book.  Bellwork:  We have a new POTUS, how do you feel?  Assignment: Read your book, if you do not have your book, you will need to complete all vocabulary for chapter 5.  First book assignment due Friday.

Thursday, November 10: Objective: Describe the organizational structure, support systems and leadership of Congress. Discuss the power of Congress and the relationship between Congress and the POTUS. Outline the law making process. Bellwork: Look at the Congressional quarterly on page 125, answer the critical thinking questions.  Assignment: With a partner, answer the following using your book.  What is apportionment? How does the apportionment of the membership in the House of Representatives provide representation to local voters? What Congressional district do we live in for our state? Who is our Congressman?  Who are our state senators? What are the common characteristics of members of Congress?  What is the difference between the Senate and House?  Explain gerrymandering.  Answer questions 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 on page 130. This is does at end of the period. Talk with each other about these answers….DO not divide the work!!!

Friday, November 11: Objective:  Same as Thursday. Bellwork:  read the comparing government on page 135, answer the critical thinking question. Assignment:  Read pages 132-140, with a new partner answer the following.  Why are committees important in the House and Senate?  Why is rules committee on of the most powerful committees in congress?  Does the Senate have a rules committee? What does the House Ways and Means committee do? Why does the Senate have fewer rules than the House? Why does the senate take longer than the House to pass bills?  Explain filibuster.  What branch uses this as a tool to slow legislation?  Page, 137. 2, 5, and 6 page 140, 1, 2,4 and 5


 If you miss please check the clear crate on the back table for the day you missed.  You assignment will be in there! 

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