September 14-18

Monday, SEPTEMBER 14

Chapter 6 Section 3 (Pg. 230-239)

  1. Which philosophy states that Americans with a great deal of money should use it for social progress?
  2. In regards to the Presidential election of 1888, the candidate with the most popular votes lost the election where?
  3. Individualism is the belief that people can do what?
  4. What philosophy states that some people failed in life because of circumstances beyond their control?
  5. What organization offered practical aid and religious counseling to the urban poor?
  6. Describe how government jobs would be filled under the “Pendleton Act.”
  7. Who wrote “rags-to-riches”?
  8. This person believed that those who profited from society owed it something in return?
  9. Who is Chester A. Arthur?

10. What did Jane Addams open in Chicago?

11. Who operated Henry Street Settlement in New York City?

12. This person published a book describing a perfect society in the year 2000.

13. This author wrote novels in local dialect with a lively sense of humor.

14. Who was Thomas Eakins?

15. Explain the meaning of “gilded” and why the period between about 1870 and 1900 was called the “Gilded Age.”


Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 15

 Chapter 6 Section 4 (Pg. 242-247)

  1. New technology helped farmers produce more crops, which tended to lower what?

  2. The populist posed a challenge for Democrats in the South by appealing to which group of people?

  3. What were Granger Laws?

  4. Supporters of the sub treasury plan believed

  5.  Supreme Court case Wabash v. Illinois established the principle that only federal government could regulate what?

  6. This person was Populist and Democratic presidential nominee in 1896.

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 16

Chapter 6 Test Review

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 17

Chapter 6 Test

Friday, SEPTEMBER 18

Chapter 7 Section 1 and 2 Key Terms

1. Imperialism
2. Protectorate
3. Expansion
4. Queen Liliuokalani
5. Anglo-Saxonism
6. Mathew C. Perry
7. Pan-Americanism
8. Jose Marti
9. Yellow Journalism
10. Joseph Pulitzer
11. Platt Amendment
12. Foraker Act

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