Lesson Plans/Bellwork

Bellwork: August 28-september 1


Important Stuff:

Websites: Suggestions or find a web page you like!!

Jason Welker

Kahn Academy

ACDC Economics

Parent Meeting Thursday, August 31 6:30 pm!  Please invite your parents.


Wed: 7:30

Thurs: 7:30

I am here after school as well

Test: August 31 

Monday: Term/graphs quiz




August 28, Monday: Bellwork:  In your vocabulary please draw the PPC Model (next to PPC Definition)  and add Circular Flow model with model to your vocabulary. Objective: Analyze interdependence and gains from trade.—who benefits? Assignment in class: Lecture and Practice Comparative advantage, as a class complete practice problems in packet from last week.

Homefun: Review today’s topic with this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpTBjRf8lGs ACDC Comparative Advantage.

Also this one for IOU and OOO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9SAzSm24qg


August 29, Tuesday:

Bellwork: Objective: Evaluate and Continue trade discussion and analysis.  Explain why trade works and makes nations better off.   Assignment: Complete assignment handout with your group and me if your need help!

Due tomorrow at start of period.


August 30, Wednesday:


Objective: Review Comparative Advantage Page  

Assignment in class:  Review Comparative Advantage Problems.

 Homefun: Study For Test!   



August, 31 Thursday:

 Bellwork: Study 5 minutes for test, ask last minute questions of me or peers!

Objective:  Show mastery for Basic Economic Concepts Homefun: Rest!


September 1, Friday:

Bellwork: Complete Test results analysis!

Objective: Correct multiple choice portion of test for return credit

Homefun:  It’s a three-day weekend.  Have fun!!


Tuesday:  We will have quiz over all terms/graphs to date!  

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