U S History 2017-2018

United States History Bellwork:

September 11 - September 15

You will need to answer these questions in a one subject spiral.  You may staple this page in the spiral or keep it in a notebook.  You may leave this in the crate labeled with your period number if you wish. Be sure your notebook has your name on it.

Monday, September 11: Objective:  Discuss industrialization after the Civil War. Bellwork:  Watch 9-11 video, write three statements about how this video impacted you.  Assignment: Complete timeline, take unit two Test.


Tuesday, September 12: Meet in 200 wing Computer Lab… Objective:  Discuss industrialization after the Civil War.    Bellwork: CNN Student news. Write 5 sentences about the story that was most interesting to you. Assignment:  Complete vocabulary for industrialization, define word and draw picture to match. This will be due tomorrow at the end of the period.

Wednesday, September 13: Objective: Continue identifying key people and terms for the industrial period. Bellwork: CNN student news, write 5 sentences about the story that most caught your attention.

Thursday, September 14: Objective: Explain the growth of industry in America following the Civil War. Discuss how new inventions improved standard of living.  Bellwork:  CNN student news.  Write down 5 facts about the story that stood out most for you.

Friday, September 15: Objective: Constitution Day Activity!  Bellwork: Turn in Bellwork!  None we are in Discovery Lab.

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